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Sweet Violet

My beautiful girls grow like flowers! They make every day of my life feel like blooming spring. I have certain flowers in my mind every time I dive into their eyes. They are absolutely, gorgeously, lovingly speaking with their eyes - I could see sunny days there; stormy summer nights with lightnings, thunders, darkness, all of it; windy, carrying away petals moods; bright and crisp rainbows; rejuvenating spring rains... all of their character is so well expressed in the eyes. But every time, no matter how strong the wind blows, or the rain whip-lashes, I see the deep colours of my flower. It doesn't matter how young and fragile the flowers is, it is always there, in their eyes. This flower doesn't bend because of the stormy wind, doesn't burn because of the sun, and never, never stops blooming.

My sweet violet is eleven now and every thing in this world has to have a reasonable explanation to her. I grow wiser. Do you know how difficult is to respond to every single question? I can not invent things because she looks into books for answers, so I better be ready for every question thrown at me - about life, about anatomy, about relationships... Hard, hard questions...

She is my sweet violet! I made this little mini-pouch for her ♥ 

Girls always have treasures. Since very little girl, she has been collecting sticks and tiny rocks. There are pink boxes, full of these, heavy boxes... Today her treasures are tiny origami foldings - all shapes and colours. I am not sure what will follow after, probably certain lipstick shades, eye shadows, nail polish... She will always have a mini pouch for her treasures. And I will always look for my sweet sweet blooming violet in her eyes. They grow so fast... ! 

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"Apple Bloom" Mini-Purse

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Friday, 12 July 2024

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