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"Apple Bloom" Mini-Purse

"I am so blessed to witness
And to see the clothes they wear, 

For spring shall pass too quickly

And the fruit they soon shall bear, 

Yet now I stand in awe

And I'm so grateful I can browse, 

The apple blossom white that hangs

Upon these orchard boughs."

Andrew Blakemore 

The most beautiful blossom of all to me is the delicate poetic flower of the apple tree. Some things in life just can not be described. The beauty these blossoms exude is so big for a terribly short amount of time. What they turn into afterwords is a celebration of the Nature and Nature's miracles.

This little purse is totally inspired by the blooms of my front tree and the young apple tree that I keep protected under my window. I tend to explore their behaviour and learn more about these babies. There was one year of sabbatical they both took last year. None of them bloomed, preserving their power for growing the tree itself, without producing any fruit. This spring, they come back to their natural way of growing and pleased my eye with the most beautiful dress of apple blossoms. What wonderful days to witness, what beautiful days to enjoy! 

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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