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Breakfast for Two

It is not St. Valentine. Today is not our anniversary. It is no one's birthday. It is not one of these days that are special, because so many years ago we kissed for the first time, or we looked at each other and sparked the love. It is not the day of the first love letter received, nor the first surprise.

It is a very ordinary Sunday - one of the not so many Sundays, that happened rarely - when we have nothing else to do, but plan for a light breakfast. 

The beautiful box full with dark chocolates and now these matching place mats make this Sunday very happy and loving.

The placemats I made, using the beautiful light pink striped HAORI fabric. To accent the cross-stitched design, I framed it with the matching green using technic of reversed appliqué, and afterwords appliquéd the heart to the main fabric. I lined the placemats, using the same red yarn-dyed fabric, I used for quilting the box of chocolates. From the green, I made a bias tape to finish the placemats with nice contrast.

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Sunday, 26 May 2024

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