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'Le petit pois' shopping bag

The green, oh the living green - brings always hope. In the long winter days, there is this craving for fresh green, thirst for new life. I can not wait for my first plants to start showing their tiny noses from the ground. And to satisfy my affection for green, I look for inspiring projects.

This one is particularly precious to me. It is a combination of two designers I admire distinctively.

The French delicate designs of Véronique Enginger are so heart warming - they touch memories from my childhood. This cross-stitch design 'Le petit pois' is from her book: "Dans mon jardin". There are so many more beautiful designs in that book. This is my second project from the book and I keep a long list of more to make. The first one I made was an autumn inspired.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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