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Spring Apron "Geranium"

Spring is a beautiful season! It is always so long anticipated. Just at the end of the waiting, just before the buds on the trees explode into beautiful leaves, I am so anxious to start planting and taking care of my garden, that sometimes, I couldn't breath.  

Today is one of these beautiful days that come after cold weather and heavy rain, and it feels a lot like a day, devoted to garden activities. My annual plants are still babies, but I have this little Geranium guy that needs to be nursed and comforted :) It is too early for him to go in a big outdoor pot, but he is big enough to participate in a fashion show.  

This apron was mostly inspired by the beautiful HAORI fabric. As soon as I started working with that fabric, I was dreaming apron - all variations. This is the first of many, I am sure. And the silent colours of these solids were screaming for an accent, that I chose to be this cross-stitched design by Véronique Enginger.  

 I have written so many times about the texture of the fabric, but I am never sure that it is quite enough said. In this apron, I used two solid colours, that are perfectly smooth and in unison with the natural ceramic pots that I mostly use for my plants. No glaze, no colour, just pure well cooked ceramic. So much like the fabrics I like. For the belt though, I think I went 'crazy' :))) This is one of my favourite weave patterns from HAORI. There are these little embroidered-looking threads spinning around, completely changing the look of the fabric. So lovely!

I stitched the beautiful Geranium pots on a 32 count linen. It is such a pleasure to work with tiny count, because the result is pleasing. The design looks more like a picture, but it is so much better because of the texture. Véronique Enginger's designs are always so romantic and vintage looking!

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Guest - A. Norvilla on Saturday, 18 November 2017 01:48

This is a sweet apron with nice fabric choises.

This is a sweet apron with nice fabric choises. Truely, Anne
Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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