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Wine Gift Bag

It is almost Christmas - one full day before the bright and happy celebration. We exchange presents, delights, hugs and wine. The meal is always better with a glass of wine and we all have our weird and not so weird preferences when it comes to wine.

Wine making is an art. And, believe me, the process of making good wine is a labyrinth - it is never the same for any sort of grape, or for a certain year, or for the conditions of making it. It takes all the heart and skills, a full devotion and one definitely must love doing that, in order to make a grape juice good enough to be called wine, and at the end, the challenge raises the bar even more, since there is a good wine, and there is, most definitely, a bad wine. White or red, or rosé, wine is an amazing accompaniment to a dish. And the story behind the wine gift bag is about my friend and her love towards a certain white wine, ... and hockey...

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Wine Bag Tutorial
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Friday, 12 July 2024

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