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Apple Blossom Purse

It is a pure revealing of my soul - such a pretty, not screaming pink, my favourite ever, characteristic in texture fabric, embroidery, Japanese-style design, absolutely cool and unique handle and great size... 

I have always wanted to make a big bouquet of apple blooming branches for my picture album, but I have never had the heart to cut them. That is how the idea of copying one of the blossoms and embroidering it was born.

It was late April, when my lonely apple tree was blooming. I took the impossible challenge to draw one of the tiny branches, staring hopelessly at the tree, as if there was a power in it, that could lead my hand into somehow representing this innocent beauty...

I took all my stash of embroidery floss from pink to crimson red and greens out and started looking for the right colours. It had to look real, as if it was a picture taken. Well... the sun was playing games with me, undermining my work, the wind wasn't helpful either, making the leaves dance... I fought with them with all my creative ability, just until I had the closest possible realistic colours. And what an inspiring fight this was in between the sun kisses and the wind hugs...

After this adventure of creating the perfect blossom, it was time to work with thread and fabric for the so desired image of the apple blossom. 

By the time I was done painting with the needle on my favourite canvas of HAORI fabric the real apple blossoms were gone, sacrificing their life for the fruit growing to start.

I had my image of the blossom now forever painted on my fabric. What to do with it, was another decision I did not want to make lightly. So I left it on my working table to look at it every time I do something else, to inspire me, until I see in my heart what I want to make with it.

And here it is - the purse. 

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Wednesday, 22 May 2024

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