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A fox was walking through the forest when he saw a crow sitting on a tree branch with a fine piece of cheese in her beak. The fox wanted the cheese and decided he would be clever enough to outwit the bird.

"What a noble and gracious bird I see in the tree!" proclaimed the fox, "What exquisite beauty! What fair plumage! If her voice is as lovely as her beauty, she would no doubt be the jewel of all birds."

The crow was so flattered by all this talk that she opened her beak and gave a cry to show the fox her voice.
"Caw! Caw!" she cried, as the cheese dropped to the ground for the fox to grab.

The Fox and the Crow

Aesop Fable

If I have to be honest right here, and if I were the Greek story teller, I would have put a piece of chocolate dessert, like an eclair or warm brioche in the crow's beak, but cheese was his choice and I will accept it, only because it goes well with wine...

My passion for good weather, good food and good company brings this project with Daily Like Canada to life. And I am truly excited with the result, because it calls out the sun even in cloudy days and it fills my heart with pure joy just by looking at it, and it makes me plan a perfect outdoor dining. 

Materials used:

1. for the face : Daily Like Canada Winter Fox oxford cotton

2. for the top and bottom: Daily Like Canada Mandarine oxford cotton

2. for the lining : Daily Like Canada Yellow Dot cotton 20C

3. for the bias binding: Daily Like Canada Hill cotton 20C

5. for the handle: Daily Like Canada Hill cotton 20C, in a frame made out of Mandarine oxford cotton

6. accessory holders at the lid: Mandarine oxford cotton + 'Inazuma' magnetic button

7. Thick batting 100% for the walls

8. Heavy fusible interfacing for all the pieces.

9. Daily Like Canada Leather Tag 'Handmade'

10. Daily Like Canada "Winter Fox" Tag

11. for the embroidered napkins: Daily Like Canada Soft Mustard linen 

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Tuesday, 23 April 2024

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