I love the rustic look of this pincushion, I have created with so much love. It took a harsh training of my patience muscle, but I think I behaved well.  

A lot of hand appliqué was involved. To make this circles even and perfectly round was a challenge not only because of the shape (that somewhat turned out not so perfect in places), but because of the repetition - I had to appliqué all 10 of them and I have to admit, I felt like it was eternity. I like dynamics, different shapes, change of character, swings, fire and action. Repetition is a killer mood for me. But, surprisingly, these cute little circles made me love them.  

The embroidery part was the best - they all show different character through the embroidery floss that proudly and lovingly enhances their shape (with that the imperfections as well) and colour. 

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