I would like to show you what you could do with these little treasures from HAORI.

On top of the extra care HAORI puts into packing these little cuts (7cm x 7cm), they always provide with the perfect combination of colours and for this mini-charm pack of 100 hand-picked yarn dyed pieces you get a perfect sense of what the company is capable of when it comes to design, texture and colour combination. You get to enjoy many of their fabrics in one little handful adventure. 

Materials used:

1. This small pouch is made with scraps, I have left from previous projects, plus some charms from the mini-charm pre-cut bundle.

2. For the lining, I used a one piece of HAORI cut fabric in matching colour.

3. Sashiko variegated embroidery thread for connecting the pieces together.

4. Fusible batting.

5. 'Inazuma' Magnetic button for closing.

6. A piece of fabric for an inside label. 

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