How beautifully!... thyme with friends! Is it about spending 'time' with friends, is it about the friends of the thyme, or it is simply about all of the above? In any case, the idea of Kris Lammers, while designing this fabric for Maywood Studio, to name this magnificent collection so playfully, is absolutely amazing!

I love every single element: the herbs, the tiny blossoms, the details in the print, the sharpness of the plants, the cursive signs and the realistic leaves. This collection is so vivid and unique, I can smell the herbs, and I can feel their calming effect on me, while working on this project.  

My love for Nature provoked my curiosity for healing body and soul majorly with herbs as soon as my first baby was born. And for the past eighteen years, I have been studying the unique power of the plants and their effect on the immunity and life in general. I am still learning, and for all those years I realized, that there is always going to be why-s, since there is always 'right' against 'wrong'. The stronger the evolution grows, the more theories are 'discovered', the more controversy has been created and more fighting opinions will challenge the truth. I had chosen to accept a theory that my heart is willing to adopt, following the simple principles of science.  

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