Inspired by the upcoming season, I have designed this mini-quilt with a little twist to the stockings and the Christmas tree appearance. 

The Nordic Christmas has always amazed me with the clean and fresh look to all the decorations. The colours that are mostly leading the parade of the spirit, are red and white. I chose the traditional green and the all natural linen, plus not so screaming for attention white and grey linen for the miniature stockings.  

DailyLike Canada fabric choices made the quilt really modest in colours, except the bright red velvet ribbon, that holds the mini stockings. I couldn't resist the temptation of the red and the warmth of the velvet. 

I have used linen, and lots of it. :) What can I do?! I just love linen. And the stockings look really nice, made with linen - as if they were worn by little Santa's helpers a lot, I mean a lot. And this is a good sign - presents and treats. 

These mini-stockings still can hold chocolates, or little messages from Santa ... even cookies :)

Here are the ingredients for the recipe:
DAILY LIKE Canada Half yard Basic Solid Linen "Natural" as a background fabric

DAILY LIKE Canada Half yard Quilting Cotton "Green Land" for the backing

DAILY LIKE Canada Half yard Quilting Cotton "Snowing" 

DAILY LIKE Canada Half yard Quilting Cotton "Winter Tree" for lining the stockings and the tree

DAILY LIKE Canada Quarter Fabric Pack "Nature" for the stockings

DAILY LIKE Canada Fat Quarter Fabric "Gleam" for the stockings

DAILY LIKE Canada Ribbon "Leaf" 

DAILY LIKE Canada T-Hooks, one pack of four

Additional items are the cute buttons, the velvet ribbon and the embroidery thread. 

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