It is amazing to travel! Not only because of the movement, or because of the anticipation to reach places, but because of the changing scenery and the freedom of thinking. I don't know about you, but my mind sets up on different frequency, while I am on the road, my thoughts have different density and my joy is much purer.  

Canada is one of a kind country to explore - with its unexplored yet grounds and undiscovered plants. My mission is to walk on this land as much as possible, filling the footprints of prior 'explorers' with happier and more colourful memories. This year's destination is green Cape Breton, north of the blue shirt of Nova Scotia. 

I am using the Daily Like Canada adventurous fabric to make some little treasures, needed for the trip.
Here is a recipe for one memorable trip:

1. Choose a destination
2. Find the right company
3. Plan ahead
4. Book the time and places to sleep. Hint: pick a small hotels or B&B. There is a charm to every place one goes and to be able to see it, one must dive into the culture.
5. Make a map of daily hike. Count the kilometres carefully - not to get too exhausted the first days of your stay, but not to waist time in wondering what to do.
6. Plan your luggage. For different places, certain necessities are needed.
7. Make notes of things you must-see.
8. Improvise

Few hours are left to our trip. I can not wait. In summary, it looks like that:

Destination: East Canada, mostly Nova Scotia and Cape Breton
Company: family and friends
Celebration: having all the beautiful treasures on Earth and Canada 150
Length of the trip: 14 days
Accessories: Binocular and compass.
Inspiration: previous trip to Newfoundland and Labrador
Resolution: Life is beautiful

I have decided to make this little bag for a binocular. We need to spot the white eagle in Cape Breton, and the whales in Rivière-de-Loup, Québec. 

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